Favorite Coupons Advertising Company

-uniting the power of print and web advertising throughout North America-      Welcome to the favoritecoupons.com website. Favorite Coupons is dedicated to offering the consumer and the advertiser the very best as we bring together the benefits of highly target print advertising with the convenience of the Internet. Advertisers in our parent company as well as our sister organizations will soon have the option to take advantage of this unique and powerful tool that is sure to ignite excitement in consumers and advertisers alike!

  • your print advertisement is normally placed DIRECTLY into the hands of your target market and their families creating that initial excitement and interest in your products or services.  
  • your company will enjoy the added benefit of easy to find Internet exposure when your customers are trying to find your offers. Often we grab the attention of our prospects with print ads, but later when your customers are ready to shop or purchase they can't recall where they put your ad or coupons.
  • Favorite Coupons solves that problem for you. ENTER - the advertising hybrid - the best of both worlds as soon your customers will see your print ad, then will have easy access to it once again on the Internet when they are ready to buy!
  • Common use of our "tag" option will permit your customers to save a "tag" image of your ad or your link in their SmartPhones. When customers are on the go and ready to shop - they won't even need your print ad or coupon with them. Gone are the days of frustration because your customer left your ad at home. They will have the convenience of easy access to your ad or coupon on the Internet!
  • Our full web version and our mobile version will mirror one another so your customers can quickly find your message or coupon on their home computer, their tablet or their cell phones.

Bookmark us and check back for more information as our designers work to get your next best option ready to serve you!!